Political Predictions, Subject to Change

OK, I'm not going to opine at length on the candidates vying for the Democratic and Republican nominations. These are just my gut-level predictions as to who will win the presidency depending on how the primaries pan out.
  • Clinton vs. Huckabee=Clinton (though both candidates are off-putting to the center, I believe Clinton's greater "political machine" backing will give her an easy win)
  • Obama vs. Huckabee=Obama (though most of Obama's ideas are retreads from the '60s, he's simply more suave than the very religious friend of Chuck Norris and seemingly more friendly to the center)
  • Clinton vs. Romney=Romney (I think this would be close, but I think if the field were narrowed to this point and these two forced to debate, Romney would be able to easily best Clinton, though the vote spread wouldn't be huge)
  • Obama vs. Romney=Too close to call (both have a sense of being somewhat out of the political mainstream, both are bright with specifics on how they'd approach the presidency and both are relatively inoffensive to the center)
  • Clinton vs. McCain=This might be close, but I suspect Clinton would take it simply because McCain lacks the solid support of Republicans due to his frequent collaborations with the other side of the aisle.
  • Obama vs. McCain=Obama (I think Obama's younger age and cooler head would make this an easy win, though the debates might be entertaining)

You'll notice that I've left out a number of candidates, including Edwards, Giuliani and Thompson. This is for a reason. Feel free to weigh in, though, and tell me your likes/dislikes or simply your predictions regardless of your preferences.