Not Off My Rocker...Yet

In case you think I'm off my rocker with this preparedness stuff, it seems that it's becoming mainstream. (Well, maybe we're all off our rockers...)

Take a look at Amazon's "Emergency Preparedness " store. It seems pretty good and even has checklists (Wish Lists?) to help you prepare. They're probably not the best source for some gear, but put items on your Wish List then you can watch for sales easily without having to search all the time. Good for finding out what you're getting for your birthday, too...not that any of us would ever do that.

And, have you seen the previews for the new show "Jericho" on CBS? A small Kansas town is surrounded by nuclear strikes on major cities and loses power and connection to the outside world. This could go a lot of different ways but may end up being a good look at the physical and psychological impact of such a scenario. Incidentally, it appears to be a slight reworking of the book Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank, a great novel about surviving in a post-nuclear war world.

Even the bright and challenging Marvin Olasky has weighed in, talking about personal responsibility post-Katrina. Read his column here. If you've not read his World magazine it's a worthwhile Christian news magazine.

Though I tend to dislike trendiness, this may be a situation where the passing fad is of some value. Disasters like 9/11, Katrina, etc. tend to get people riled up for a few months then they fall back into their old comfort zones and sense of security. Hopefully, with or without painful reminders, there will be more and more who decide to adopt preparedness as a lifelong discipline.

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Jen said...

I'm glad you're off your rocker :). You've really opened my eyes to what's happening around the world. Thanks for taking such good care of your family!