Surreal x 2

You may have seen these before in a PowerPoint presentation, but I think they're fun enough to share on their own. If you're feeling witty, try captioning one or more in the Comments section. Artistic criticism welcome, too.


Kevin said...

[Top Photo]
In a dramatic overturning of an old duck story, Harry was the subject of the "Beautiful Pidgeling"

Anonymous said...

hi =)
i just so happened to chance upon ur blog, and i must say, ur pictures are totally awesome and reading about ur previous post about the Prison letters and the Bible is really enlightening =)
press on for the LOrd ;)

Another Inkling said...

The Beautiful Pidgeling...I hear a blockbuster CGI movie in the making! Now we just have to line up the celebrity voices.

Anonymous, thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement. Don't be a stranger. Unless you are.