New Year, New Job, New Look

This is technically not the first post of the year, but Happy New Year anyway!

This Friday, January 19th, I'll be leaving my job of 5 1/2 years and making a complete career change. This is a huge blessing and an exciting opportunity. As of January 22nd, I will be Media Outreach Specialist for New Life Community Church here in Chicago. I've been a part of this church since 1999 and have been involved in various ministries, but I'm really looking forward to coming on staff and being a part of this special team in an even greater capacity. Many are saying it, and I sense it too--God has some big things in store for this church and this city in 2007.

In the spirit of change, I've given the blog(s) a new look and will be doing some more creative things here this year. It should be fun and hopefully edifying.


M. Cruz said...

Oh, wow! That is fabulous. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am excited for you. I hope this opportunity will guide you to your career & calling in life. New Life Church will be blessed by you & your services. Your mind, heart, understanding, wisdom & knowledge is most welcome & needed anywhere you are guided to. Love & Prayers-Michael Atto

Kevin said...

Welcome aboard, Nate! Super glad to have you pushing our staffing into a whole new direction!

John Palmieri said...


You've been such a blessing. You are a deep and rich benefit to the New Life team and I'm proud that you are a part of it. You are also an awesome Blogger...thanks for the inspiration.
Peace, Grace and Strength,
John Palmieri

Anonymous said...

Nate: You are such a marvelous "package" of gifts God has given you for His service! Your enthusiasm, ability and dedication will serve His church well wherever you are. Blessings, Nate! Love, LC