Beautiful Days

What is it about the beautiful weather that gets me itching for the open road? I drove home last Tuesday evening--windows and sunroof open, something ethereal on the radio--and just wanted to keep driving, to find open road and breathe in the rushing wind. Do you get that, too? Where you just want to keep driving until you find a coast, maybe, just savoring your blessings and resting your mind and heart?

On Thursday, after a day in a windowless office, I stepped outside and the golden sunlight kissed me by surprise. I closed my eyes for a moment and inhaled the sweet air. When I opened my eyes, I realized there were people in a car nearby just watching me. I didn’t care.

God is good.

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Maureen said...

That could be me writing that same thing.

I'm kind of glad the warm weather seems to have disappeared for a bit. Once its here to stay it's just about impossible for me to stay inside at work. It's torture.