More Products I Endorse

Since you’re probably tired of hearing political endorsements already, I thought it’d be fun to do a follow-up to an old post I wrote: “Products I Endorse.” Once again, feel free to add your own or second my endorsement. Perhaps if we get a groundswell of support going, we could be spokesmodels one day.

ANCO WINTER BLADES—I have a thing about visibility while driving. Rain-X got my pitch awhile back. This time it’s Anco Winter Blades. You’ve likely seen them—they’re the ones with the red tips. Regular wiper blades collect ice and tend to smear in the winter. These bad boys are real rubber and the frame is encased. So, they stay pliable, don’t collect ice and wipe your windshield crystal clear. Granted, it’s a little late in the winter for this recommendation, but they’re a snap to install and there’s a good chance—in Chicago at least—that we’ll have another good month of snow, at least.

CABLE TEMPLES—Frankly, I don’t know why all eyeglasses aren’t made with these. If you wear glasses, you’ve experienced “slippage.” You get sweaty or your skin’s a little oily, and your glasses slip down your nose. The dynamic duo of silicone nose pieces and cable temples almost completely eliminate this. Cable temples are the type that wrap around your ears rather than simply resting on top. Some associate them with Ben Franklin, but many styles are available with cable temples. If you are sedentary or just use your glasses for reading, use whatever kind you please. But if you’re active at all, do yourself a favor and get some of these with your next pair of specs or get the ones you have modified. I managed to flip a jet ski a few years back, went in the drink and came out of the water with glasses still attached. Hopped back on and continued my recklessness. Because I’m nearly blind without my glasses and I was in the middle of a large lake, there’s a good chance I’d never found my way back if it hadn’t been for those blessed cable temples.

FISH TACOS—If you’re never tried them, you don’t know what you’re missing. Inevitably, someone will turn their nose up when you mention them and that’s fine—more for those in the know. I first ran into these in California, but I’ve also had some good ones in St. Louis and recently discovered a place in Chicago that has GREAT ones. Here’s the perfect way to try them: Go to Rockwell’s Neighborhood Grill and order the blackened fish tacos. They come with tortilla chips, black beans, salsa and chipotle mayo. For a truly perfect meal, I recommend a side of guacamole, a Beck’s Non-Alcoholic Beer and a good friend/date (my wife’s great for this role, but only you ladies can take her—sorry guys). Try it. If you don’t like it, I’ll come pick up your leftovers.

MIGHTY PUTTY—This was an impulse buy. A buddy of mine and I were staying at a hotel when this infomercial came on TV. It was for this miraculous epoxy-type stuff in easy-to-use-Play-Doh-like form. It could fix anything; we were mesmerized. Neither of us knew of any specific need we had for the stuff, but we were sure we needed some. So we split an order. Some time later, the Mighty Putty arrived and I immediately began pondering projects I could use it for. Thus far, I’ve used it for two projects—one minor and one miraculous. I actually reattached a shelf bracket thingy inside my freezer with Mighty Putty and it cured and held. Wow! Can’t wait for something else to break around here. Mike H., if you’re reading this—this stuff works!

WAHL HAIRCUT KIT—I bought this some time back and never used it. I was going to shave all my hair off, but I lost the nerve...until very recently. The kit comes with nice quality electric clippers, a number of clipper guides, scissors, combs and a “bib.” With renewed determination, a bit of patience and lot of cleaning afterwards, I gave myself a buzz haircut. It feels great. Sure, I gave myself a bit of a “whitewall” on one side, but I hate going to the salon/barber shop and paying someone to cut off my dead hair cells and make me look like a dork for a week (if I’m lucky). Now if I could only learn home dentistry...

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