We're Back!

I was holding off until all nine of us were back in the U.S. Now, after a nutty weekend for one of our party involving a lost passport, we are all back!

Thank you, Lord, for providing for us, protecting us throughout our many travels, and for teaching us and teaching through us.

I believe we have all been powerfully changed by this experience and can't wait to share bit by bit through this blog and in person. Thank you to all who made this possible--the prayer warriors above all, as well as the financial donors, those who bought our coffee, shopped our yardsale and got their hair cut, those who loaned us camping gear and those who held down the fort while we were gone (especially our spouses!).

The picture above is of West Pokot in Kenya, just to give you a taste. I'll share many, many more as we go along. Thanks for stopping by!

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