Facebook: Deactivated

At midnight, I'm "deactivating" (their term) my Facebook account for Lent. I plan to reactivate it after Easter, but we'll see.

Facebook has definitely been a mixed bag. It is great to keep up with cousins I never see, friends I don't run into so often, old friends from years ago and even my close friends and family. While I initially turned down every invitation to join Facebook, I eventually gave in. Don't recall exactly what tipped the scales, but I've been surprised by how much I enjoy learning and sharing things both deep and shallow with these people. It's good to know when someone's been sick, got a promotion, wrecked their car or has an apartment for rent.

But, as many have complained, Facebook is addictive. I'm not a Constant Updater. Thankfully, nobody's seen fit to curse me with a BlackBerry or iPhone. I definitely spend time on there that could be better spent elsewhere. That minute here, minute there adds up through the day.

So, I'm cutting the tether. Will I be back? Tough to say. In the meantime, though, I look forward to the season of prayer, studying the Word, spending more face time with friends and reviving this nostalgic old thing I call my blog.

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