2010. Time to freshen up the blog a bit. There are many thoughts bouncing around my brain these days; perhaps I should let them bounce around in here a bit. Might knock down some of the cobwebs that have collected.

I don't get super excited about New Year's Eve/Day anymore. Probably because I don't celebrate with a bottle of champagne all to myself like I used to and, this year, was the only one awake at our house when The Ball dropped. Nevertheless, there are some new things in my life worth noting.

First, I got a new job. If you're not aware, this was quite an arduous journey with nearly a year of unemployment. Though a bit of a journey back in time as far as salary and job description, God is providing and has answered my prayer that I would enjoy the work. Mercy Housing Lakefront has proven to be a great organization and I feel I'm acclimating well to being back in the role of Case Manager. Good to be among so many characters again and be able to impact lives in a more direct way.

Second, as I mentioned in a previous post, I've embarked on another educational adventure. This time I'm pursuing an Associate's in nursing in order to become an RN. I took my first class, Chemistry, this past fall at Truman College and was thrilled to pull off a high A in the course. My teacher, Mrs. Kogan, was fantastic. Next semester is Biology. At the moment, I am on the five-year plan--considerably longer than I'd like but I'm grateful that I have a program available that is both affordable and flexible for working people with families.

Third, my dad just came through surgery for cancer. It was quite a difficult thing to even think about, the notion that my dad had cancer, but he came through the surgery very well, had excellent care, and we are hopeful that he can put this behind him. I am confident that God can do that.

Fourth, we've taken a break from leading the small group Dead Theologians Society. It was the right decision, I believe, but the group's been going for three years and I've grown very fond of everyone who's graced our home with their presence and been willing to be vulnerable with one another, celebrate and mourn together, wrestle with big ideas (and, yes, some obscure ones, too), and don the ridiculous birthday party hat. I look forward to keeping up with them and know that, even in this sabbatical time, God is stirring in Jen and I, and I look forward to seeing what He's going to do in us and through us next.

So those are the headlines for the moment. Stay tuned for more stimulating content in the weeks to come!

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jencoleson said...

Thanks for sharing some of the ideas bouncing around :). Sorry you watched the ball drop by yourself. That's what you get for marrying an older woman-can't stay awake anymore :)Love you!