Preparedness Poll Results

Thanks to all who responded to my recent poll. Your interest and input are greatly appreciated. Based on twenty responses, here are the results:

1) I view preparedness as…
a. something for conspiracy theorists and Boy Scouts—0%
b. something I’m actively working towards—55%
c. important but haven’t gotten around to it—45%
d. unimportant—0%

2) I have this much drinkable water stored:
a. none—45%

b. 1 to 3 days—30%
c. 4 days to 2 weeks—20%
d. more than 2 weeks—5%

3) I keep a flashlight within reach of my bed: Yes—55% or No—45%

4) I have the means and know-how to make drinkable water: Yes—35% or No—65%

5) Thinking about preparedness makes me feel...
a. nervous, I don’t like to think about bad things happening—0%
b. unprepared, I know I should prepare but haven’t—50%
c. indifferent, I’ll be taken care of regardless of my efforts or lack thereof—15%
d. confident, I’m doing what I can—35%

6) I have this much non-perishable food stored…
a. not sure, whatever’s on my shelves—65%
b. 3 days—10%
c. 4 days to 2 weeks—20%
d. more than 2 weeks—5%

7) I carry some basic preparedness items (Swiss Army knife, small flashlight, First Aid supplies, etc.), other than a cell phone, daily: Yes—50% or No—50%

8) I try to fill up my car’s gas tank…
a. never, I don’t use a car—5%
b. when the “low gas” light comes on—15%
c. when the tank hits half full (half empty?)—65%
d. whenever I remember to do it—15%

9) I have an evacuation/get out of town bag ready to go: Yes—15% or No—85%

Surprised by the responses? Surprised by your responses? Check back soon for some reflections on the poll. In the meantime, I’d like to hear your Comments.

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