"I'm So Embarrassed!"

This is a guest entry from my wife. It's just too funny to pass up. Enjoy!

I took the kids shopping to the new Target on Peterson. We pull into the garage and I notice a tent and some people sitting in chairs trying to stay warm near the door. They are so bundled up I can't see any faces really. I'm thinking hmm...Target's pretty nice to allow them to seek shelter here. While I'm in the store I'm thinking I want to help out in some way so I call Nate and we decide socks are a good thing to pass out and always welcomed by the homeless. On our way out I notice that these are kids/teens and I'm thinking okay kind of like the kids on Belmont-dressed fairly well because they are from the burbs but still possibly homeless. I hand one of them the bag of socks and say "God bless you" and the boy seems very thankful and we head home.

Well, I'm just on the internet and I see a news article about kids lining up outside of Wal-Mart to get the new Playstation 3 that comes out at midnight. It then dawns on me that those kids aren't homeless but are waiting for their Playstations!


Kevin said...

That is ripping funny! What a told turnabout--thinking your helping someone in need to giving socks to spoiled kids. Very funny!

Anonymous said...

Jen, you are so kind and that was a good example of putting the moment into action. Praise God for your example to me. I appreciate reading your story - Thanks for the laughter also!