"One Summer" by Steve Turner

One summer you
aeroplaned away,
too much money
away for me, and
stayed there for
quite a few
missed embraces.

Before leaving,
you smiled me that
you'd return all of
a mystery moment and
would airletter me
every few breakfasts
in the meantime.

This you did, and I thank
you most kissingly.
I wish however, that I
could hijackerplane
to the Ignited States
of Neon where I'd
crash land perfectly
in the deserted
airport of your heart.


Someone gave me this poem years ago but not the name of the poet. I've always loved the playfulness of it. Years later, someone else read a poem in class at Wheaton that had such a familiar sound to it. I asked who it was. Steve Turner. Immediately I went to the library and looked him up. Sure enough..."One Summer" was by Steve Turner. I later discovered that he was a man of many talents. If you're a Christian in the arts or interested in them, I highly recommend his book Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts.

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Mo said...

I bought this book last year, but I think it got lost in the pile on my bookshelf. If I can ever get through the current pile, I'll have to get back to that one.

(Love the new blog design too.)