Bumper Stickers

I enjoy bumper stickers. I used to have a few on my car, but I keep it clean now. Traffic's bad enough in Chicago without giving fellow drivers a reason to hate you. Nonetheless, I enjoy reading others. Here are a couple of spinoffs of the same bumper sticker that made me chuckle (and even think a bit):

Jesus Loves You
And I'm Trying Really Hard

Jesus Loves You
Everyone Else Thinks You're an @$%#&

Much funnier than the hokey Darwin fish and variations, if you ask me.


Mo said...

And certainly more honest. Hee!

Dixy said...

It's not a bumper sticker, and this comment may border on blasphemy, but I think the evolving "Jesus Fish" is pretty creative...

Nate C. said...

Creative, yes, but not that funny. Although, in truth, and this may be blasphemy, too, I don't think the fish is really that great of a Christian symbol. Yes, it's inoffensive, but does it really convey anything that meaningful?

Roger said...

My favorite has nothing to do with a fish, but says:

"Work harder- people on welfare depend on you."

No offense to people on welfare- I've been there at one point in my youth, but it's a funny stab at our welfare system more than anything.