I'm Giving You $4, 1 hour and 50 minutes

Yep, that's the money and time you'll save by not seeing Premonition. Please don't see this movie. Even if you like Sandra Bullock. Even if you like gripping, psychological thrillers (which are supposed to have a payoff). Even if it's free on a flight cross-country.

I have recommended some great movies on this blog before and will do so again in the future. I usually don't waste my time warning against the bad, but I must warn you against seeing this one. People will think, "Oh, kind of like Sixth Sense..." or "Sandra Bullock's such a charming actress, and I don't want to watch Saw IX again..." Resist!

Perhaps these quotes from RottenTomatoes.com sum it up best: "At least all this uncertainty is leading up to a spectacular twist ending -- oh, wait. No, it's not." And, "breathtakingly stupid movie."

Battlefield Earth, you have company.

As you were.

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