Dead Theologians are Back!

OK, the Dead Theologians Society is back in action, but doesn't "Dead Theologians are Back" grab your attention?

After a month off, this New Life small group is beginning a new study. We are tackling Dorothy Sayers' The Mind of the Maker. Last night was the first night, but it was simply an introduction, so you haven't missed much. Next week we dive into the text, Chapters 1 & 2.

In this study we'll be discussing a range of things, from the doctrine of the Trinity, what it means to be "made in the image of God," the nature of creativity and even how this applies to such things as creative writing. It should prove to be fascinating. Once again, a good group has been brought together and more are welcome.

If you're in Chicago and free on Thursday nights, check us out. For more info, see the Dead Theologians Society, Lakeview Edition blog or email me.

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