Africa Trip Journal: Part Five

9-15-2008 - Nakuru

Let me work backwards. I have never experienced such unity in a group. God is so good! I am overwhelmed by His grace, the way He has called us to this time, place & people. Kenya is a heartbreaking, encouraging, beautiful, ugly place.

We arrived on the 12th, but I have not written because I was doing sermon prep for Sunday. On Saturday, we went to City Harvest in the morning and visited with the PACE group. , primarily widows and others impacted directly by HIV/AIDS. Brian Jones shared a devotional about Jesus healing the man with a withered hand. He did a great job and was translated into Kiswahili. We at lunch w/ them.

* * *

Exchange rate: $1 USD = 67-69 shillings

9-18-2008 - Kitale

I'll have to go back & catch up on our time w/ the Pokot. So much going on.

9-20-2008 - Nairobi Airport

I've ditched the bus ride to Uganda as I've spent too much time on the road the past week. I was able to find a flight from Nairobi to Kampala through 540 for $170. Twin-engine turboprop. Should be exciting. Was able to go to Kenyan wedding today & spend extra time w/ everyone. Also, got to go to Alex's home in South B. Very modest. Tin siding, cardboard insulation & only enough room for a mattress & narrow table. His rent is $6/month...roughly 1,000 ksh. I spent 2,700 ksh for a photo album @ Nairobi airport to get rid of my shillings. Sad.

It was tough to leave the team. Diane's flying to Kisumu. Jamie & Brian S. leave tonight. The other 5 are staying on throught next Friday. I'm eager to be home but will do my best to make the most of the time w/ Milton & in London. My desire to share stories w/ those @ home is so great.

* * *
Plane cruises @ 20,000 feet. Nice to fly low enough to see the country. Interesting to be in my first prop. plan. Vibration's intense but takeoff not as exciting as was told. The flight's only 1 hour 2o minutes but they're serving a meal. Wow! Money well spent.

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