Africa Trip Journal: Part Three

9-11-2008 - 38,000 ft.

I'm writing this from a 747 over a dark Atlantic. We're on our way. So much has transpired since I last wrote; perhaps I'll recap a little here before moving on.

In my last entry I was wondering how the finances would all come together. Well, it certainly wasn't early, but it was on time. That's how God seems to work sometimes. OK, most of the time. Through support letters, coffee sales, the Ethiopian dinner, and the yard/bake/haircut sale, we have raised over $26,000. Not quite the $30K I'd hoped for but enough. We didn't even have to ask the church for anything. Though six didn't raise their support, I raised 50% more that I needed (!!!). It's made us interdependent and that's a good thing. God knows what He's doing.

* * *

Outside air temp = -58 degrees F!
Tail wind = 57mph!

Hope everyone made it on their flights... [we had three separate flights to London]

* * *

Kyle discovered some time back that he needs a heart valve replacement. At the same time, he needs an aortic aneurysm repaired. This was and is devastating news. Here's a guy who lived recklessly for a number of years then had a change of heart and decided to start living for Jesus. He got active, ate better, lost a bunch of weight, recommitted to his wife and is really on fire. He saw doctors. We talked & prayed. We were and are concerned for him but none of us felt God saying "No." I debated it from a risk-management perspective and, practically speaking, it didn't make sense for him to go. But I felt that he was supposed to, he felt the same (but was willing not to for the good of the team) and, ultimately, the pastors consented.

* * *

From the prayer team:

1 Samuel 10:6-7
Ephesians 4:1-9
Matthew 8
Psalm 57

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